Business Processes Outsourced - a business method of outsourcing specific tasks in a business to an external company who may have specific skills or better pricing.  Email: | Call: 801-335-9507


  • 1. You will be assigned a virtual manager.

  • 2. You choose how much time you want to purchase:




    2 hours a week (good for basic help, research, small projects) $50/week + $30/hr for overage


    40 hours a week (full time SEO, Facebook management, advanced graphic design, etc.) $600/week + $20/hr for overage


    80+ hours a week (multiple levels of difficult tasks, programming,plus all your basic needs) $1000+/week + $15/hr for overage

  • Hours roll over for up to 3 months

    3. Choose how you would like to meet: Google Hangouts, Go to Meeting, Zoom, Skype, Phone Call, Facetime, Marco Polo, etc.

  • 4. You meet with your virtual manager as needed to discuss your project

  • 5. Your manager will direct the work from our team depending upon your specific needs. For example, if you need someone to help with your email, your manager will assign a virtual assistant that has experience in doing that, if you need a logo created, they will bring in a graphic designer, if you need a website created, he will talk to the UI/UX team, followed by the developers. Your manager will oversee the work, and will provide you with updates as needed and discussed with them. They will help keep the work progressing according to your selected plan. They will review all the work before it is sent back to you to make sure it is of the highest quality.

    If at any time you are not happy with the progress, you can request a new manager, or to have a review done by a supervisor.

    Our managers will be upfront and honest with you if you ask for something that may not be possible or will require more time you thought. For example, if you ask for a one word domain from the dictionary, and you want to pay no more than $100, they are going to let you know that this is almost impossible, and that one word domains go for high thousands into the millions for the most common words. However, they will help you find a domain in your price range ( many at normal registration rates).

    All our work is done under an NDA, which is meant to protect both of us.
    Signed contract that you can't hire any of staff away from us to protect us and keep our costs lower. If you'd like to hire someone, please contact us to work out a finder's fee.