Business Processes Outsourced - a business method of outsourcing specific tasks in a business to an external company who may have specific skills or better pricing.  Email: | Call: 801-335-9507


BPO Staff helps you assess, implement and develop web solutions adapted to your business. Our team has in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of web technologies and programming languages. We apply an Agile development method, allowing us to implement your project with confidence.

  • doneDomain Name Finder
  • doneDesign a new mobile friendly Website
  • doneWeb Hosting
  • doneWeb Updates
  • doneManage an eCom store
  • doneSoftware Developer
  • doneWeb App Development
  • doneDatabase setup/Management


A properly implemented User Interface is a must for retaining visitors to your website or app. The usability, visual aesthetics, and functionality of your User Interface are highly decisive factors in influencing the delivery of your message, clarifying your concepts, and enchancing your user's experience.

  • donePersona Creation
  • doneGraphic Design
  • doneLogo Design


Our SEO team always researches the latest search engine optimization trends. they do this to ensure you get the results you want. We work with the ideas you provide for us to create SEO strategies that meet your brand's needs.

  • doneResponding to customer reviews
  • doneArticle and blog creation
  • doneLink building


Social media is the new frontier of marketing. One of the ways to build your brand awareness is to use social networks. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Many companies have already taken this way to engage clients. Your social network presence can help you build trust with your audience.

  • doneFacebook Posts (
  • doneFacebook Ads
  • doneGoogle Ads
  • doneInstagram
  • doneBuild an online community (23,000 followers with Hawaiian Planner)


Most of the entrepreneurs we meet fall short of one resource: time. You need more time to focus on sales, more time to craft the right message behind your out-of-this-world idea, more time to improve your financial knowledge, more time to hire strong talents.

  • doneResponding to customer reviews
  • doneArticle and blog creation
  • doneRespond to Emails
  • doneSchedule appointment
  • doneWrite a report
  • doneBuild a PowerPoint presentation
  • doneCreate an Excel Spreadsheet with in depth computations
  • doneData Entry
  • doneData Research
  • doneBooking a plane ticket or hotel reservation
  • doneTranscribing a audio or video file (great for YouTube videos)


Software test automation is the most cost-efficient way to maintain and improve the quality of your projects. Running automated tests continuously ensures that the system is working even after changes are made, and guarantees consistency, repeatability and accuracy of the execution.

  • doneAnimated Videos
  • doneWeb Hosting (Additional cost or included with Business+ plans)
  • doneAnswering and Making Phone calls
  • done24 Hour Live Chat Support (Pay only for engaged time)


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